Sport Sim Adventures

Sport Sim Adventures sells, rents, designs and develops Sport Simulators. Most of us know a golf simulator in which one hits the ball and the golf court and ball trajectory is projected in front of you on a large screen. A Multisport offers more, recreational sports activities: one can kick penalties, free kicks, play handball, practice hockey and play countless mini-games. 

Our audience are sports bars and entertainment facilities, the event sector, the HR-departments of larger organisations who want to activate and bring together their coworkers. We offer an attractive alternative for boring fitness exercises, an evening out, a variation to the cinema, escape room or bowling theme!

We seamlessly integrate VR/AR adding more sports and activities at your request.  


Increase your F&B revenues by keeping your clients longer with you, enhance the profile of your business centre, gym or hotel? Attract new customers or improve client retention! Make sure they come back. 

You have a space of about 10-30 m² (4B x 5L x 3H) available which isn't used too much and you want to create an extra dynamic for your clients, visitors, colleagues! Brand Activation in your shop, at your booth or during your event!

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